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October, Celebrating My Birthday And seven Years Of Creatively Creating Within My Small-Business!

Hi Friends!

I recently, celebrated my birthday and seven years of creatively creating within my small business. I made a homemade deco art cake to celebrate! It is, for sale on my website @

I'm so blessed that GOD has blessed me with another year of life!

I'm celebrating seven years of creatively creating within my small business. I began creatively creating in 2016 making gift baskets, then I began creating printed onesies and T-shirts, creating hair accessories, jewelery, fashion accessories, and then I began sewing and creatively creating unique & stylish items!

I also, have a YouTube channel @ and a podcast Decorate, Bake, & Create!-With-LazetteMichelle on Spotify & Apple! GOD continues to lead me in my creativity and knowledge of creatively creating!

I look forward to all that GOD has enstore for me and my children! GOD is good! GOD is Faithful!

Some people trust in chariots, but I trust in the name of the Lord my GOD!

Seek GOD in all that you do, and make your requests of prayer unto GOD, for he is Faithful to complete it for you!

Creatively Creating since 2016 in my small business! I love to creatively create unique and stylish items!

I encourage, you to do so, as well! You can do all things through CHRIST which strengthens you!

You can open that at home business or brick and mortar business, have Faith that God will provide your every need in business and in life!



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