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A Singer, Worshiper, Song Writer, That I like! Anne Wilson.

I Can remember, when I first saw Anne Wilson sing in her video and her story behind her becoming a singer, worshiper and song writer! @AnneWilson

How GOD leads you to your calling, and how you may have not expected that to be your gifting and what GOD has called you to!

I like, Anne Wilsons’ songs, My JESUS, Hey Girl!, Strong, and Rebel! Those songs resonate with me! I’m a rebel like JESUS and there is a lot of rebels in the family tree. If, a rebel is what you want, a rebel is what you’ll get!

I love, the lyrics to those songs that GOD has given to her to write and sing for the glory of GOD!

GOD uses her gift of worship to touch the lives of others. I pray, that Anne Wilson stays within GODS’ will and his plan for her, and not go towards the worldly ways and what they may want for her to become!

I like, the way Anne Wilson dresses and carries herself! I wonder who her designer is? 🧵🪡👗

I would love to know! Most importantly, I already, know who created her and gifted her with her calling! GOD! 💗🙏🏼

I’ve written some songs that GOD is calling me to sing, for his glory and honor! I hope to be able to do that in GODS’ perfect time!

GOD Is Good! GOD Is Faithful! GOD Is Awesome!

Allow GOD to lead and direct you in every area of your life!

Without GOD you can do nothing!

Salvation through Jesus Christ is the answer!

Jesus is the answer for the world today, above him, there’s no other Jesus is the way!

Trust GOD and where he is taking you, GOD never fails!

GOD Bless, You!


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