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Writing Songs For GODs Glory!

Hi Friends! I'm creating and writing songs for GODs glory!

GODs gonna get the glory out of this, is what I know and have said!

GOD is so good and so faithful!

I've had songs that GOD has placed on my heart to write and sing! I have written three to four songs already in less than a half hour, each song! GOD is good! I plan, to continue to write songs as GOD places them on my heart to write, for his glory and honor!

GOD willing, I would, like to also sing these songs and record them in a studio! I pray, that GOD opens a door for that to happen.

I have the desire to purchase a keyboard and microphone to begin singing and playing the keyboard to sing my songs unto my GOD!

If you, own a recording studio and are willing to record me singing my songs that I have written, message me , Or I would, be so grateful and credit you on my blog, podcast and YouTube channel!

When I was a little girl, I sang a special songs in church like Building Up A Temple for the Lord. I would call my aunt up to sing with me in church sometimes she would sing with me, and sometimes she wouldn't. But, I still sang and worshiped unto my GOD.

When I was in a Christian middle school I joined the choir and I would sing praises unto my GOD!

I would also, like to hear my good friend Lisa Miranda Delvalle sing the song Madresita Lenda

and other songs that she would sing unto GOD.

In high school I joined band and took keyboard, I learned the keys and a song or two. But, I wish that I would have taken it more seriously at the time!

In church, I was briefly on the worship team, I loved it and knew that was what GOD wanted me to be doing! I love worshipping my GOD and singing praises unto him!

Wright now, my favorite Christian worship singers are Cee Cee Winans, Charity Gayle, Anna Golden, Kim Walker Smith, Anne Wilson, Natalie Grant, Sarai Revera, Tasha Cobbs Lenord and more!

Praising and worshipping GOD gives you his peace, joy, love, and you feel GODs presence! GOD gets the glory and honor out of your worship and praise unto him!

I know, that GOD has great things in store for me and my children! I thank GOD for what he has done, what GOD is doing, and all that he's gonna do in the lives of my children and I ! GOD is going to get the Glory out of this!

Keep my children and I in your prayers! 🙏🏼✝️💗

Pray, that GOD continues to lead me in the way that he wants me to go! That he gives me all the desires of my heart! 🙏🏼❤️

GOD Bless You,


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